Welcome to First Baptist Church of Manchester Center, VT "The Community Church"

9/20/20 Romans 14:1-13 "To Heal Division- Stop Passing Judgment on One Another"  Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom)
9/13/20 Romans 12:9-18 "Living in Harmony with One Another" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Church & Zoom)
                                   (Jim Holden's Baptism)
9/6/20 John 13:1-17,33-35 "Focusing on One Another" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom)
8/30/20 Psalm 139 "Fully Known and Loved" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom)
8/23/20 Psalm 36  “Sticking to the Source” Cara Davenport (Zoom)
8/16/20 Psalm 86 "God's Nature. Hint: He Doesn't Fit in a Human Sized Box" Annie Crumb
8/9/20 Psalm 67 "God's World-wide Blessing" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
8/2/20  Psalm 103 "The Lord's Steadfast Love" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
7/26/20 Psalm 37:1-19 "Secrets to Serenity" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service In Church if unable to Zoom)
7/12/20 Psalm 32 "Forgiveness: The Bridge Between Frustration and Fulfilment" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
7/5/2020 Psalm 27 "Worship, Pray, Trust" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service) 
6/28/2020 Psalm 23 "On the Way to Our Father's House"  Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom)
6/21/20  "Father's Day" special speaker John Hess (Zoom Service)
6/14/2020 Psalm 42:1-11 "Desires of the Soul" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
6/7/2020 Psalm 15 "At Home with God"  Rev. Rebecca Sommons" " In the Town Park & Zoom " 
5/31/2020 Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom service)
5/24/2020   Psalm 1 “Be Like a Tree” Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service) 
5/17/2020 "Our Plans and God's Plans" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
5/10/2020 Matthew 20:26-28 "A Mother's Heart" Glenna Taxter (Zoom Service) 
5/3/2020 Hebrews 13:7-16 "walking in Faith" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
4/26/2020 Hebrews 13:1-6 "A Life of Faith, Hope, and Love" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
4/19/2020 Hebrews 12:1-14 "Running Our Race" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
4/12/2020 EASTER Matthew 28:1-20 "I Am With You Always" Rev Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
4/5/20 "Do You Recognize Him?" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
3/29/2020 Hebrews 12:1-3 "Running our Race" Rev. Rebecca Sommons (Zoom Service)
3/22/20 Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Theresa Taylor "Seeing the Unseen"  Hebrews 11-12:3
03/15/20 Hebrews 10:26-39 "A Faith that Endures" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
03/08/20 Hebrews 10:19-25 "You are welcome in God's House" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
03/01/20 Hebrews 8:5-6; 9:8-19,23-10:1
02/23/20 Hebrews 7:1-28 "Who's Melchizedek Anyway?"
02/16/2020 Hebrews 6:13-20 "Unshakeable Hope" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
02/09/2020 Hebrews 5:7-6:12 "Are We Growing UP?" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
02/02/2020 Hebrews 4:12-16 "We Need Help!" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
01/26/2020  Hebrews 4:1-11 "God's Calming Place of Rest" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
01/19/2020 Rev.Rebecca Sommons
01/12/2020 Rev. Rebecca Sommons
01/05/2020  "Trust in the Name of the Lord" Katelyn Naye-Benibo Guest Speaker 

12/29/19 "Worshipping the New-Born King" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
12/22/19 "Loving People More Than Our Plans" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
12/15/19 "Being Part of God's Plan"  Cara Davenport  The date on the video indicates Dec 8 and not the 15.
2/8/19 "Longing Fulfilled" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
12/1/19 "The Promise"
11/24/19 "Simplicity and Gratitude" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
11/17/19 "The Power of Words" rev. Rebecca Sommons
11/10/19 "How to Lead" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
11/3/19  "Wisdom for Relationships" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
10/27/19 "Having Integrity" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
10/20/19 "Guarding Your Heart" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
10/13/19 "Guidance from God"  John Hess
10/6/19 "A Teachable Spirit" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
9/29/19 "Activating Your Gift" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
9/22/19 "Unity and Maturity" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
9/15/19 "A Heart of Love" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
9/8/19 "The Greatest Gift" Jeremy Crumb, guest speaker
9/1/19 "Grace Gifts" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
8/25/19 "Responding to the Gospel" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
8/18/19 "Being Baptist" Annie M. Svitavsky
8/11/19 "A Second Chance" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
8/4/19 "The Lord's Other Prayer" Rev. Rebecca Sommons 
7/28/19 "Grief and Joy, Trouble and Peace" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
7/14/19 "Heart Connections" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
7/7/19    Rev. Dr. Theresa C. Taylor 
6/30/19 "love One Another" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
6/23/19 "The Way, the Truth, and the Life Rev. Rebecca Sommons
5/19/19 "The Judgment Trap" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
5/12/19 "Jesus Knows and He Cares" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
5/5/19 "Born Again?" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
4/28/19 "Life In Jesus' Name" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
03/17/19 "On Becoming a Thru-hiker" Matthew Sommons
03/10/19 "More Than Enough" Rev. Rebecca Sommons
02/17/2019 Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Theresa C Taylor,  also on this is part of another service
01/27/2019 "It's Not About Us" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
01/13/19 "Children of Light" Pastor Rebecca S  ommons
01/6/19    John Hess
12/23/18 "Shadow and Light" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
12/16/18 "A Song of Joy" Pastor Rebecca Sommons 
12/2/18 "Our Righteous Branch" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
11/18/18  Rev. Jordan "Skip" Dickinson  
11/11/18 "Redemption" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
11/4/18 "When You Do This, Remember Me" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
10/14/18 "Unexpected Loyalty" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
0/7/18 "When Everything Falls Apart" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
9/30/18 "Christ's Joy in US" Rev. Paul Juris
9/23/18 "Reason to Hope" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
9/16/18 "How to Be Truly Transformed" Pastor Rebecca Sommons 
9/9/18 "Rediscovering Your Walk with Jesus" John Hess
9/2/18 Pastor Rebecca Sommons Date on video is listed as 9/9/18 should be 9/2/19
8/12/18 Pastor Rebecca Sommons
8/5/18 "Reaping What We Sow" Pastor Rebecca Sommons 
7/29/18 "Bearing Burdens" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

7/15/18 "A Spirit-led Life" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

6/24/18 "The Family of God in Relationship" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

5/27/18 "A Matter of Life and Death" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

5/20/18 "The Gospel is for Everyone" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

5/13/18 "Breaking New Ground" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

4/29/18 "Grace and Peace" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

4/15/18 "Our First Love" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

4/1/2018 "Taking a Closer Look" Pastor Rebecca Sommons
 EASTER Christ the Lord is Risen Today

3/25/2018 "Zachariah-Prophets Point to Jesus" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

3/18/18 "Haggai-Prophets Bring a Helping Presence" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

3/11/18 "Daniel-Prophets Ask for Understanding" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

3/4/18 "Hosea-Prophets Show God's Love and Forgiveness" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

2/18/18 "Isaiah- Prophets Speak God's Truth" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

2/4/18 "Elijah-Prophets Obey God" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

1/28/2018 "Samuel - Prophets Listen to God" Pastor Rebecca Sommons

1/21/201  “Moses – Prophets are Touched by the Holy Spirt” Pastor Rebecca Sommons 
1/7/18 “Beloved” Rev. Jordan “Skip” Dickinson
12/3/17 “The Story of God: New Creation” Pastor Rebecca Sommons   

12/31/17 “Seeing Christ” Pastor Rebecca Sommons   

Our church services are recorded with the help of GNAT-TV. We are grateful that they lend us their video camera equipment. We are also grateful that they produce the video and post it on their YouTube channel, where we copy it and insert it on our website. The purple colored text has a link that will take you to GNAT’S YouTube channel and the video of that service. The white texted services are either not produced yet or had technical problems and could not be shown. Not all of each service is recorded.