Welcome to First Baptist Church of Manchester Center, VT "The Community Church"

troop gift boxes

No Aerosol Cans No flushable wipes
No Glass No unsealed food products
Not limited to these suggestions
All soldiers love cards, notes etc
Newspapers from home
Because we have at least 2 soldiers in the states we can send, almost
Baked goods Chocolate
Plus the list below
For soldiers out of the country
Hard candy individually wrapped
Crew socks or boot style socks
Baby wipes (no flushable wipes)
Foot products, powders, ointments
Pain relievers Lip balm
Ear swaps Toothbrushes
Toothpaste Floss
Batteries Powdered drinks
Gatorade Protein bars
Beef jerky Nuts Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds
Chef boy arde with the pops top cans or other canned food with pop tops
drier sheets (helps to keep away bugs)
new dvds
travel size tissues
zip lock bags
gum .
Deodorant Shampoo twizzlers
Plastic containers with lids